Google Plus now has a page just for pedophiles. That’s right, PEDOPHILES! This is absolutely disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach.

The whole page is different “pedosexuals” encouraging each other and raising “awareness” for why pedophilia is okay.


NEWS FLASH: Pedophilia is NEVER okay. A child does not have the mental capacity to consciously agree to a sexual relationship with an adult.


YES YOU ARE A MONSTER. Just because you can trick a confused child into sexual acts does not mean it is consensual!

One man even says that this is to teach children how to consent and not be abused. Seriously? This is child abuse in a revolting form!


One man, Graham Straussburg, even went so far as to argue that it isn’t wrong because 73% of the respondents don’t believe it is wrong.


The page is public, so you can check it out for yourself.

Click here to see the vile, dirty page called Heart Progression.

They have posts and pictures, and even videos of people explaining their relations with children, and how they believe it is okay. These people do not need a page for themselves, they need a psych ward because they are sick in the head!

Parents, you need to keep an extra eye on your children. There are monsters walking among us who do not even think they are monsters.

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