A California freshman has officially announced that if Trump builds the wall as promised, then he will cut off his own penis.

Apparently, Seth Greenburg feels as if publicly removing his own penis will be a sufficient form of protest if Trump begins building the wall between the USA and Mexico.

What an absolute bizarre method of making a point.

This is so ridiculous, that I hope Trump builds the wall right away. In fact, I will help build the wall just so this kid follows through with his plans. We mustn’t let him procreate!

Trump wall

Greenburg stated, “I’m so confident that Trump is full of shit, that I will cut my dick off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” in an interview, where he was actually in attendance for in protest of prayer in public schools.

When pressed about the validity of his claim, Greenberg promised that “I will really do this. I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

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