There is a painting at Capitol Hill that has been the center of controversy lately. However, I can see why people would be outraged at the painting. It uncannily portrays officers as pigs. It is bad enough that people make that joke at officers’ expense, but to have an actual picture of it hanging in a government building is appalling.

Democratic lawmakers tried – twice – to put the painting back on display after a GOP colleague took it down Friday amid outrage from law enforcement groups.


But every time they did, it was taken down again. Most recently, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., took it down late Tuesday afternoon and brought it to the office of Democratic Rep. Lacy Clay, from whose Missouri district the picture came. Clay once again hung it up, saying he was “an expert at hanging artwork.”


But then another Republican colleague, Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn, took the painting down Tuesday afternoon, bringing it back to Clay’s office and saying it doesn’t belong in the Capitol.


Clay rehung it – again – only for Rohrabacher to take it down. Again.


Apparently Lacy Clay is more concerned with making sure the artist who made the paining is not offended for their freedom of speech being “infringed.”

However, I guarantee that if there was a painting of African-Americans portrayed as monkeys then it would be removed in a heartbeat.

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