Dear Liberal Snowflake,

So you’re upset that your candidate did not win, right? You riot, you cry, your classes are cancelled, and you try to find every single way possible to stop Inauguration Day….Bunch of bleeding hearts.

“Not my president,” you chant as your chest swells with false pride, while you burn an American flag. A flag which represents our great nation and every single soldier who has died for it. Shame on you.

I find it ironic that you live in America, have the benefits of being American and possibly even live off our government…..but then have the audacity to shout obscenities about the new President. Are you afraid he will make you work for the money you get? Boo-hoo. Welcome to the rest of America’s daily life.

You might not accept the fact that Trump is the new leader of the free world, but that just means you will be living the next 4-8 years of your life in denial. That’s such a sad, pathetic way to live.

Or, you could join the rest of us in celebration, because Trump IS OUR PRESIDENT and we fully embrace it. We happily embrace it.

It will take all of us to make America great again. Join the cause.

An American

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