I am a 23-year-old female, which automically thrusts me into the thriving demographics of “Millenial Feminist.”

However, I do not support feminism or the “Women’s March” that is apparently happening nationwide.

Shocked? A female who is against the very movement to “help” women? Allow me to explain:

    1. Being a woman is not a disadvantage 

      There is nothing that I cannot do that I want to. I can vote, work, express myself, bear arms, practice religion, and speak freely while living the American dream. What else do I need?


    1. I am for equality, but not supremacy 

      Feminists are chanting to “Kill all male babies” and calling for women to just run up and kill men in the streets. How could this possibly be equal?


    1. We are built different, for different purposes 

      Men are naturally bigger and stronger, while women are smaller in stature and have the right tools to create a child. Women tend to be more nurturing with minds that can multitask, and men tend to do the more laboring work. We are not built to do the same things.


    1. ¬†Biblically, the man is the head of the household 

      Yes, thats right. According to the bible, men are called to be the head of the household. This does not mean that there cannot be women leaders, but men are called to be the head.


    1. Sometimes it’s just business, nothing personal 

      Sports channels do not have a vast majority of women viewers, just like Lifetime does not attract men. Therefore, ESPN is going to continue to show predominantly male sports, and Lifetime will continue to show us women the juicy thrillers that get us through our 4th bowl of Rocky Road ice cream. It’s nothing personal, just business.


    1. Modest is hottest 

      How do they expect to get an ounce of respect when they’re out there with their ta-tas hanging out, and bright pink hoo-has on their heads? Its trashy, and embarrassing. No wonder no one takes them seriously??


    1. They are protesting Trump, but he has not taken any of their rights 

      How does this make any sense? Donald Trump has not even been president a week and they are protesting him because……why? He’s not a woman? He hasn’t taken away any of their rights.


    1. They could fund their trip to DC for the march, but not their own birth control? 

      The women are demanding for birth control to be completely covered…..yet there are people with terminal illnesses that cannot even get the medicine they need because they cannot afford it. BUY YOUR OWN DANG BIRTH CONTROL!! It’s not the government’s responsibility to fund your sex life.


    1. Abortion is not fair 

      These women preach that it is their body so they can do it if they want. Correction, it is not their body or they would be the one to die during the abortion….And what about the female babies being aborted? What about their female rights? Or do those not matter?


  1. These women’s marches are hypocritical 

    I have seen numerous stories and videos of women who are pro-life or Trump supporters who were spit on and told, “I hope you get raped and need an abortion,” simply because they had a different opinion. Yeah, women equality, right? What a joke.


As a christian, republican, millennial female, I can tell you that they do not speak for me. This is not my march. I think many of you can agree.

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