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PFC Tyler Iubelt enlisted in the United States Army on November 23, 2015, to serve his country, make his family proud, and do his best for the rest of us who sit comfortably at home. He shipped off to boot, got banged around, made it through to get trained up in his job, got to his first unit, headed overseas, and was killed by a suicide bomber this past Saturday. He was 20 years old.

Forget about everything going on for a moment and look at this young man’s face. We’ll all see our families, enjoy good food and drink, walk in the cool air, get excited for the holidays, complain about aches and pains, wish we had more money, wonder if we’ve made right choices . . . and get to live another day.

PFC Iubelt grew from a child, struggled on as we all do, dreamed and worked hard, and just saw the cusp of manhood before he died.

I don’t have any deep message for you. I’m not asking you to do push-ups, or to give money, to support our military, or even to care about this young man for more than 10 seconds.

All I ask is that you look at him, acknowledge his sacrifice, and believe for a single breath that young men and women like this are, at this very instant, putting their lives on the line for you. They truly are. And this one, Tyler, will never take another breath.

I sincerely hope we can earn what we’ve been given.

This is exactly why Americans should not be burning the flag and disrespecting our military. People like Tyler died to make sure that they COULD have freedom of speech, and do the nasty things they do…..However, that absolutely does not mean that they should.

Respect the flag, and respect our military. 

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