Members of the Georgia House of Representatives are considering a resolution that would declare pornography as being a public health crisis.

House Resolution 364 was co-sponsored by Reps. Bruce Broadrick, R-Dalton; Sharon Cooper, R-Marietta; Steve Tarvin, R-Chickamauga; Kevin Tanner, R-Dawsonville; and Dewayne Hill, R-Ringgold.
“[C]hildren and youth are exposed to pornography that oftentimes serves as their sex education and shapes their sexual templates. Because pornography treats women as objects and commodities for the viewer’s use, it teaches girls they are to be used and boys to be users,” it laments.

But, there is something deeper at work here. Pornography is at heart a tool to destroy the Church and the Freedom of Men. R. J. Rushdoony points this out in his book, Law and Liberty.

He writes:

[P]ornography manifests a hostility it the very idea of law and morality. . . The destiny of man is to be free from law, according to these men, and the way to be free is to begin to break the law, by violating morality.

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