What’s even better than collecting votes from deceased Americans and illegal immigrants? How about votes torn from new born babies? Sounds great right? Maybe THAT is what would have finalized the rigged election for Hiltery.

Well if left up to the Democrats, then that could be a possibility in the future. They are pushing for Washington state to pass the legislation.

In Nevada and New Mexico, a liberal group is pressuring the legislatures to let people register when they get driver’s licenses.

In Ohio, progressive activists have thrown their support behind a mayoral candidate because she fights with Republicans about voting access.

Across the country, Democrats and their allies are plotting a quiet and disjointed but considerable push to make voting easier by dismantling registration barriers and promoting candidates who want to expand voting rights. It’s all an effort to reshape the electorate by creating new Democratic voters.

If successful, the effect could be profound. The more people who vote, the better Democrats usually do in everything from a marquee presidential election to little-noticed municipal race.

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