Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have had a rocky few months. They faced off in the Republican primaries, in which Donald Trump won. Then, Cruz was very vocal on his disapproval of Trump. However, now it looks as if they are getting along just well.

Now, it’s said that Cruz may even be Trump’s next supreme court nominee!

Gorsuch was was unanimously confirmed to the federal bench some ten years ago, he has been in the majority opinion 97% of the time, and he has only had 1 opinion overruled by the Supreme Court. He has earned the accolades of both conservatives and liberals and he has had some very prominent legal scholars and politicians (again, from both sides of the aisle) speak out for his confirmation. Sadly, the Democrats don’t care how qualified the man is, they plan to do their best to scuttle his nomination any way they can.

Peters argues that this is a short-sighted mistake of gargantuan proportions.

“When the Democrats changed that rule in 2013, they opened the door for this to happen. What Democrats right now are being a little short-sighted about… is that you don’t know what’s going to happen on the next Supreme Court fight. You don’t know how politically weakened Trump will be. You don’t know what kind of nominee he puts forward. So to waste this bullet now, seems awfully short-sighted… 

And the next one, we know, now….

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